Posted by: JoAnna | March 10, 2010

Intro to Sewing Machine at MAKE Workshop

This is where it all started.  On a whim, my friend Anne asked my sister and I if we’d be interested in taking a sewing machine 101 class with her.  I feel like using a sewing machine is a life skill that I don’t posess.  So next thing I knew, we were all signed up for Intro to Sewing Machine with Diana Rupp at MAKE Workshop on the Lower East Side. 

I can’t say I had high expectations for the class, I mean what do you expect from sewing machine 101, but I couldn’t be more wrong!  It was so much fun to spend two hours on something purely creative and I found it very therapeutic — the kind of activity that totally gets your mind off everything else. 

First Diana showed us how the sewing machine worked by using different colored thread in the spool and the bobbin.  Then we leaned how to wind a bobbin, load the bobbin, thread the sewing machine, and sew.  She also touched upon general sewing best practices and the things to look for when buying a sewing machine (metal parts, drop-in bobbin, etc…)  Diana recommended the Kenmore 19110 as a good starter sewing machine since they’re made by Janome for Sears at a more affordable price.

Then we all made a simple wallet pouch which I’ve been using to store sewing notions like my stitch ripper and invisible ink marker. 


After class, Anne, my sister, and I headed around the corner to Pinkberry, which would become our future post-MAKE Workshop ritual (in addition to our pre-MAKE Workshop ritual of Le Crepe!).  Anne and I excitedly talked about signing up for the MAKE Workshop Fashion Lab, a series of sewing classes where you continue to hone your skills by making a bag, a skirt, and a dress.  Of course we immediately went home and registered for the next open session!

Project Stats
Pattern: Pattern by Diana Rupp
Time: 1 hour?
Fabric: Scrap
Notions: Thread, Sewing needle, Button, Velcro dot


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