Posted by: JoAnna | April 7, 2010

Fashion Lab Day 1: Tokyo Tie Bag

Fashion Lab begins!  I haven’t bought any supplies for my class yet (besides the book).  I got the fabric from my mom/grandmother’s fabric closet.  I found a cute home dec weight floral fabric and magenta linen for the lining.

I also gathered notions — thread, snaps, seam ripper, and fabric scissors from my mom’s supply — and put them in a plasic box I had originally bought to be a canine first aid kit (but I ended up having too much first aid stuff to fit inside!).

Diana already had the pattern cut out (and doubled so we didn’t even have to bother cutting on the fold) on oak tag.  We used an industrial pattern weight to cut the fabric instead of pinning, to save time.

The bag came out really cute, but since it’s so small, I’m not sure if I’ll actually use it.  I really want to make a bigger version.  I wish I had my camera at class because everyone’s bags were so unique and looked really cool together!


P.S.  One should not wear wedge sandals to sew!  I hadn’t realized how much time would be spent standing up at the cutting table and how little time would be spent sitting down at the sewing machine!

Project Stats
Pattern: Tokyo Tie Bag from the book, SEW: Sew Everything Workshop, by Diana Rupp
Time: 2 hours
Fabric: 3/4 yard home dec and 3/4 yard linen for the lining
Notions: Thread (the pattern calls for a snap, but I never ended up sewing mine on)


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