Posted by: JoAnna | April 8, 2010

First Garment District Trip

For years I’ve worked just a couple of blocks from the Garment District, but I’ve never had any reason to go there.  I needed to find fabric for the pencil skirt we’ll be making in Fashion Lab, so I headed over with my sister to Paron and Mood (the Project Runway fabric store!).

First we went to Paron where one of the sales woman was kinda pushy.  I just wanted to look at the fabrics in peace!  One thing that’s good to note is that you can negotiate prices at Paron… never pay the listed price!   I ended up buying some really pretty fabric that has a nice weight.  The sales woman also gave me two of the swatches, which were pretty generous in size.  I think I’ll use them to make a pin cushion (since my hedgehog pincushion is not meant to be!).

Next I headed over to Mood, which we had a little trouble finding at first.  We must’ve looked both lost and typical, because a random person asked if we were looking for Mood and directed us to the right building.

I must say, Mood looks a lot smaller in person!  But they do have a great selection of fabric and I ended up getting another piece.  The print is perfect for a pencil skirt.



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