Posted by: JoAnna | April 15, 2010

Out With the Old…

My mom and grandmother have a closet full of very old fabric… and by old I mean more like ancient.  Some of it is leftover from old projects, some of it was aquired through good sales, and some of it is leftover from my grandmother’s Garment District days.

Recently I found out that Hartsdale Fabrics is collecting fabric for womens shelters in Africa.  The shelters teach women vocational skills, like sewing.  This was a great way to purge the closet for a good cause.  We got rid of four big boxes and organized everything that was left.  Now the remaining fabric is grouped by fabric type in distinct boxes.

My mom also found a box of old patterns… many of them were from Macy’s and one of them was the one she used to make her wedding dress!   Can you believe that Macy’s used to sell patterns and fabric?!  Not to mention that full retail price was $1.  I love the vintage drawings, it’s interesting to see how clothing style has changed.



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