Posted by: JoAnna | April 16, 2010

Seam Guide or Not to Seam Guide?

At MAKE Workshop, we’ve been using a magnetic seam guide to help us sew straight.  I’m decent at sewing straight, but the seam guide is super helpful… and hard to give up completely!

I found the rectangle seam guides we use at MAKE on Ebay, however, I’m reading that magnetic seam guides really shouldn’t be used with computerized sewing machines, which is what I have.  But I’m not sure I can live without the seam guide!  So I bought Dritz’s seam guide, which has a smaller magnet.  I’m hoping it will pose less of a risk.  So far I haven’t had a problem… otherwise I’m relying on Sears’ trusty guarentee/return policy!

There’s a lot of conflicting information online.  Some say to avoid magnetic seam guides at all costs if you have a computerized machine.  Others say this was true for computers back in the day, but today’s computerized machines are fine.  One person said she uses them on all of the computerized Berninas in her sewing classroom. 

At first I tried to avoid storing the seam guide on the machine, it’s the most convenient place to put it and I haven’t had any problems yet.

I know there are sticky non-magnetic seam guides (or you can also use a post-it pad!), but I like the magnets, so I’m sticking to it for now!


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