Posted by: JoAnna | April 17, 2010

Joann, the Home Depot of Craft Supplies!

Earlier this week, I ordered a whole bunch of supplies from  40% off all Dritz sewing notions!  Now I can stop mooching off of Anne’s marking tools.

Sadly there aren’t any Joann stores near me, but there was one 17 minutes away from the BARK-NH! agility trial this weekend… where there is room for dog shows, there is also room for huge fabric stores, a.k.a. the middle of nowhere.  

In between classes I drove to Joann for their pattern sale…  99 cents McCalls patterns!  At a time when the McDonalds’ dollar menu has become the $1.09 menu, I didn’t know 99 cents still existed as a price point.  I picked up a couple basic A-line skirt and dress patterns.  I also got two Vogue dress patterns for $3.99, pattern weights, and a pressing ham (both for 50% off).


Whoever said sewing brings you back to a simpler time has not seen a Joann Superstore.  In comparison to Mood, it’s definitely like the Home Depot of craft stores, as my co-worker once called it.  The fabric, while a bit generic, is all nicely organized in bright, bountiful rows.  I resisted buying any because I didn’t have a specific project in mind (or any measurements with me).  I’m trying hard not to just buy random fabric (that could get bad very quickly!)

I really wish we had some better craft stores around where I live.  I guess there is little market in Westchester for crafting.  Apparently I’m not the only one in the area who has been too busy to sew.  

We have Sew Crafty, also known as Sew Crappy because they always look like they’re going out of business, the selection is bad (the fabric selection is very random and very sad), and the staff can be rude.  Hartsdale Fabrics has a better selection of fabric, but is still small (they do have a large selection of quilting fabric).  We also have Michaels of course, but they don’t have fabric and the one by me doesn’t carry many sewing supplies.  Thank goodness for the Garment District!



  1. I so agree about JoAnn’s – I love that store. Westchester is the WORST area for buying fabric or craft supplies – there was no Michael’s when I lived there. Thank God for New England!

    I also buy fabric online. you may want to check out The following websites:

    And the next one you can design your own fabric – It’s the best site ever!! ->

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