Posted by: JoAnna | April 28, 2010

Fashion Lab Day 4: Naughty Secretary Skirt

Final class for the pencil skirt project!  I had major issues with the waistband… the fabric was bunching up and I kept sewing unintentional “pleats.”  So I had to keep ripping out stitches and re-sewing.  Seems I’ve been doing much ripping and re-sewing lately!  The delay in the waistband meant I couldn’t start on the hemline, so I’ll have to finish that at home. 

Besides finishing the skirt, our homework is to cut out the pieces for our next project, the Girly Go To Dress… which reminds me, I still need to find the fabric for my dress.  I’ve been to a couple fabric stores but haven’t found anything perfect.  Fabric shopping has been challenging… it’s really hard for me to see a bolt of fabric and imagine what it’ll look like as a piece of clothing.  If I put the fabric up to my body, everything ends up looking like a giant tablecloth to me.


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