Posted by: JoAnna | May 1, 2010

The Gift of Pinking Shears

My grandmother is beyond excited that I’m starting to sew clothes.  She keeps telling me about all of the clothes that my mom made when she was younger, the virtues of being able to choose your own fabric, and the joys of making clothes that fits perfectly… at least that’s what I got from her broken English and my limited understanding of Chinese.

Today she gifted me her pinking shears, since she hasn’t done much sewing lately.  I think her arthritis makes it difficult.  For so long, learning how to sew was always passed down through the generations (as opposed to shelling out hundreds of dollars to learn in a trendy artist loft in the city!).  And for a long time it looked like that tradition would stop at me.  While we might sew for different reasons — my grandmother sews out of necessity and I for a creative outlet — it’s something that we can both relate to and share in a common language.




  1. awwww….thats so sweet Jo….

  2. That is so the sweetest thing ever!

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