Posted by: JoAnna | May 14, 2010

Estimating Yardage

Our homework before next Wednesday’s Fashion Lab class is to cut out our fabric pieces and pin the darts.  Done.  But I have just about an extra yard of fabric!  Clearly I did not so my math right.  Well, that is, if I ever did any math…  The pattern calls for 2-5/8 yards of fabric that is at least 54″ wide. 

Ideally I would’ve measured the patterns and brought a tape measure to the fabric store (Diana also suggested bringing the pattern to the store), but I was lazy and I didn’t.  Since the fabric I picked was directional, I wanted to get myself some extra insurance fabric.  So I went with 3 yards, which was apparently more than enough!

I’m guessing 2-5/8 yards includes the fabric needed to make the large size, so since I’m making the small size, that’s why I was so grossly off.

I bought extra of the other three fabrics that I bought, so I may end up with lots of 3/4 – 1 yard scraps!  I’ll have to look for some fun projects to do.



  1. Hey Jo! Use “One Yard Wonders ” -it’s a great book for that left over fabric!

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