Posted by: JoAnna | May 19, 2010

Garment District Finds

Today I took to the Garment District on a quest for an invisible zipper foot — the clear plastic kind.  I had an unsuccessful stop at Sil Thread, but discovered an amazing selection of YKK zippers at amazing prices.  They had aisles and aisles of zippers in every color imaginable from the floor to the ceiling!  It made me want to plan new projects around all of these pretty zippers!  I bought a 22″ invisible zipper for 75 cents that perfectly matches my dress!  The 8″ invisible zippers are 50 cents.

Here’s a picture of the 22″ invisible zipper shelves.  Yes that entire row is all 22″ invisible zippers!


I’m now trying to forget about the $2.45 Coats & Clark 9-inch invisible zippers that I bought just a few blocks away at M&J Trim.  And they only had three colors (White, Black, and Natural)!  I also found a really cute turquoise thread snip.  So much better than the ugly orange Fiskars one I bought from Jo-Ann on sale for $5.50!  AND it was only $1.25 and came with a little plastic case.

Next stop was City Sewing Machine Corporation which was very tiny but had the exact invisible zipper foot that I was looking for at an affordable $6.95.

While making my way back to work, I happened upon Daytona Braids & Trimmings which also had cheap zippers, but the price and color selection wasn’t as good as Sil.  They did have a 10% student discount and old unused Simplicity, McCall’s, and Butterick patterns for $2.50.

I actually need a 13-inch zipper for the dress I’m starting today, but I noticed that both Daytona and Sil only sells invisible zippers in the 8-inch and 22-inch sizes (I wonder if YKK only makes the invisible zippers in those sizes).  We learned how to shorten zippers in Fashion Lab, so I ended up buying the 22-inch length.

I’m still on the hunt for the cheapest place in the Garment District to buy Gutermann thread.  Any leads?


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