Posted by: JoAnna | May 25, 2010

New Appreciation for Paron

I needed to buy some lining for the Girly Go To Dress I’m working on at MAKE.  Since I wasn’t too picky,  I decided to check out the Paron Annex, Paron’s room of 50% off fabric.  I managed to find white lining in the Annex for $3/yard.

This picture is only half of the 50% off room!


While I was there, I found a really cute cotton print that I just couldn’t leave behind.  This is getting really bad!  I need to start sewing some of my projects so I can work on my stash.

When I first visited Paron last month, I wasn’t impressed, but that may have to do with a certain pushy sales woman (I just want to look at my fabric in peace!).  Their selection doesn’t exactly compare to Mood, but they have some good finds there.  Plus everything is nicely labeled with swatches, the designer, and the fabric type/content. It’s great for beginner sewers just learning to navigate a fabric store. And you can’t beat the 50% off Annex!


Once I get some projects done, and I allow myself to fabric shop again, I want to check out Metro Textiles, which I’ve heard has great fabric deals.


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