Posted by: JoAnna | May 5, 2011

Dog Training Treat Bag


I made this treat bag for a friend who wanted a deeper version of the one I had (which I bought at an agility seminar).  It’s a pouch that’s made to be thrown as a reward for the dog on an agility course.  The dogs can tug on it or you can open it and give them food from inside.

We’ve since realized that it’s better to use something where the dog can get the reward immediately (without you having to go over the open the bag), so now we use frisbees with peanut butter.  But it was a fun craft to make.

I wanted to make the treat bag approximately 13″ x 6″ (with a 1/2″ seam allowance), so I cut a 14″ x 7″ piece of fleece.  With the wrong side of the fabric up, I marked the middle of the fabric with the pin (the blue quilting pin in the photo) so I could tell where to position the velcro.  Then I folded over the 1/2″ seam allowance and sewed one side before sewing on the velcro.



After sewing on the velcro, I turned the fleece over (so the right side of the fabric was up) and pinned the cotton webbing.


After sewing the webbing, I folded 10″ of cotton webbing in towards the middle of the fabric to create the 5″ long handle.


Then I folded the fabric in half horizontally (right side of the fabric facing in) and sewed around the three sides without the velcro.  Then I turned the the pouch inside out and it was finished!



Project Stats
Pattern: Based on an existing treat bag
Time: 1 hour?
Fabric: Fleece
Notions: Thread, Cotton webbing, Velcro (sew-on)


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