Posted by: JoAnna | November 25, 2011

Jo-Ann Black Friday Sale!

Jo-Ann had a pretty awesome Black Friday sale. There were lots of good deals, plus a coupon for an extra 25% off the sale prices. I picked up a cutting table that I’m pretty excited about. I do most of my cutting and pinning hunched over on the floor, but since I spend more time cutting and pinning than doing actual sewing, I figured a dedicated table would be a good investment. With the Black Friday sale and coupon, it was $48.

The table on sale was the Sew Essentials Cutting Table, but when I got to Jo-Ann they had that version and the Sullivans Home Hobby Table.  From the photos on the box, they looked identical.  But when I lifted the boxes, the Sullivans version was noticeably heavier.  I figured it might be made of better materials, so I ended up buying that one.  I later found out that the Sew Essentials Cutting Table is a cheaper version of the Sullivans Home Hobby Table.  Maybe they had both tables because they needed more inventory for the Black Friday sale.

It wasn’t too hard to put together once we figured out the instructions (which are pretty bad).  So far the table seems sturdy and I like that you can fold down two sides for more compact storage.  I’ll post a photo and more information after the first time I use it.

I also bought the Sew Much More Sewing Table, but ended up returning it.  I had read some reviews that the table shook when the sewing machine was running, but I didn’t keep it long enough to find out.  It was kinda cool that the sewing machine was level with the table, but the sides of the “hole” in the middle (where the sewing machine goes) was unfinished.  Because it was rough, I was worried that fabric would get snagged.


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