Posted by: JoAnna | November 7, 2013

Daenerys Costume Part 1: The Top

 photo costume3_zpsa97ee120.jpg

The top was definitely the most difficult part to create.  The look is basically a piece of weaved fabric wrapped around the body and kept together in the front with penannular pins, plus the braided halter part on the top.  But it obviously needs some tailoring so it doesn’t look like I’m wearing a draped piece of fabric.  I knew it would take some trial and error and I didn’t want that trial and error to be on the expensive fabric it took so long to find.  So I ended up making two draft patterns out of paper and scrap fabric first.

Materials Used 

  1. Make the first draft pattern out of paper.  Took my bust and waist measurements, but ended up just making the pattern through trial and error and lots of pinning.  I made the first draft from a large thin sheet of paper (the kind used to wrap breakable items at the store… thicker than tissue paper).  This also allowed me to make a plan for how this was all going to work.  I decided to make the top in three pieces.  a rectangle piece for the back and two pieces that would overlap in the front.  There will be two seams down the side (under the airmpits) to connect the back to the two front pieces.  The two front pieces will pin together.
  2. Then I made the second draft with fabric from an old pajama set.  From the second draft I kept putting the piece on my body and making adjustments.  For instance, I’d either cut or determine I needed to add more fabric.  If the later, i’d take it off, sew on a piece of extra fabric in that area and then cut as desired.
     photo top-muslin_zps5b298834.jpg
  3. Once the pattern was finished, I cut the actual fabric!  Since the edges will be frayed, I traced the pattern in chalk, but left extra room when I cut for the fraying.  I definitely didn’t need the 1 yard I bought, but having a lot of extra gave me the freedom of cutting my pieces wherever I wanted to get the weave direction to mimic the costume in the tv show.
     photo top-muslinpattern_zps0c7e08cd.jpg
  4. Pin it on myself and pin where the darts will have to be
  5. I basted all the seams, ripped them out, and re-basted to make adjustments.  Then to be sure, I pinned all the seams and tried on the top one last time before sewing the seams (ouch!).  The two darts turned out a little gappy at the tip/point… maybe it’s because I put too much fabric in the dart… or maybe I should’ve done a curved dart?
  6. Then I added iron-on interfacing to the inside of the fabric to give it a little more strength (especially since I’ll be attaching braided rope at the top) and to prevent more fraying than I want
  7. I braided rope from brown jute rope and sewed it to the top to form the halter that ties in the back.  In the end it was easy to get the top on and off without having to untie (since the front of the top opens), so I couldn’t just created one solid piece.
  8. Then I sewed hidden snaps to close the front of the top
  9. Sew the decorative “pins” to the front of the top (originally I was going to glue pin backings on, but ended up sewing them on).  The pins are created from trinkets I bought from a bead shop and aren’t replicas of the actual penannuar pins on the show.  To make them look like pins, I made needle looking pieces out of clay, painted them gold, and used a hot glue gun to stick them to the trinkets.  I glued a piece of fabric on top to make it look like it was piercing the fabric.
     photo top-pin1_zps916f34cc.jpg    photo top-pin2_zpsa73d16ff.jpg
For the handwraps, I cut a long strip of brown distressed suede cloth and wrapped them tightly around my hands.  I tucked the end under the already wrapped part to keep it together.

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