Posted by: JoAnna | November 7, 2013

Daenerys Costume Part 2: The Bottom

 photo costume2_zpse4937fa3.jpg

Materials Used
Fabric Part of the Bottom 
  • Pebble suede cloth
  • Brown textured silk matka (used for the top and the bottom)
  • White cotton fabric (taken from an extra piece I had at home)
The Two “Belts”
  • Leftover scrap of the brown distressed suede cloth/fabric used for the handwraps
  • Craft foam
  • Faux leather cord
  • Puffy paint (any color)
  • Dark brown acrylic paint
  • Antique gold acrylic paint
  • Arleene’s Jewel-It glue

The bottom was much easier since it’s basically three hanging pieces of fabric with a waistband piece at the top.  Still I should’ve cut pieces of paper or scrap fabric to figure out exactly how big I wanted the pieces, but I was feeling kind of lazy after spending so much time on the top!

I ended up with the pieces not as wide as I had hoped–partly because I started measuring the fabric at my waist, but the bottom actually sits below the belly button, so it needed to be wider.  Also I mostly ripped the fabric instead of cutting it to give it a unfinished look and it ended up taking up “cutting” into the fabric more than I anticipated.  In the end I sewed extra strips of fabric to the sides and I actually think it gives a hint of that look of leather curling at the sides.

I pinned everything where I wanted them to be, folded the white waistband piece over, and sewed straight across.  Then I added a button and snaps to keep the costume on my waist.

Making the “Belts”
I searched all over the NYC Garment District for trim that looked like the two belts on Daenerys’ outfit, but was not successful.  I ended up making both from scratch and am really happy with the way it turned out.  Although it was very time consuming! Some people asked if the lower belt was made from leather, so I guess it came out well!

 photo bottom-beltfinished_zps35cd93fd.jpg

The Oval Medallion Belt
For the belt with the oval medallions, I cut ovals and tiny rectangle connecting pieces from craft foam.  Then I took puffy paint to create little dots along the edges to give it texture.  Then I painted over the piece with antique gold acrylic paint.  It needed several coats to cover the yellow color of the craft foam.

I cut a long piece of the faux leather fabric I was using for the hand wraps to the width of the ovals.  After sewing the strip of fabric to the rest of the costume, I used Arleene’s Jewel-It to glue the foam pieces to the fabric.  It held up surprisingly well after wearing the costume twice.  Two of the pieces are partially hanging off now, so I’m going to put more glue to re-attach them.  But the other pieces don’t look like they’re going anywhere.

 photo bottom-beltpieces_zps12b864e1.jpg

The Leather Pieces Belt
For the other belt, I looked closely at photos of Daenery’s outfit and cut each piece individually from craft foam.  To get the leathery look, I first painted each piece with dark brown acrylic paint, then the antique gold paint.  After it dried, I used a razor blade to create two small slits in each piece and threaded a piece of faux leather cord through to create the belt.  If you look closely you can see the orange and yellow of the craft foam peaking out from the slits.  Maybe one day I’ll cover them in gold paint, but I left it as is since it wasn’t that noticeable from a reasonable distance.

 photo bottom-belttogether_zps2c9876d3.jpg


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