Posted by: JoAnna | November 7, 2013

Daenerys Costume Part 4: The Tooth Necklace

 photo costume3_zpsa97ee120.jpg

This was a nice touch to the costume and was not hard or time consuming to make. However, I found working with the Fimo Classic clay to be super annoying since it’s really hard to knead and style.  I chose it over some of the softer clays, like Fimo Soft and Sculpey III, because of its strength (I later made thin, needle shaped pieces for the decorative pins on the top and the clay is indeed strong).

Fortunately I found a tutorial on how to use canola oil to soften the clay, which helped enormously.  The canola oil can potentially make the clay more brittle after baking, but I used it sparingly and I wouldn’t have been able to complete the project without it.  The end result came out great, although not as smooth as I’d hoped (there are some crack lines on the sides of the “teeth”).  You can also see the clay needles I made in the picture below.

 photo necklace_zpscc574797.jpg

Materials Used

  • Fimo Classic clay in black
  • Necklace chain in brass (from Jo-Ann Fabric)
  • Thin wire (I had this at home, but guessing it’s from Home Depot)
  • Antique gold acrylic paint
  • Paintbrush
This necklace doesn’t need a clasp because it just drapes around the neck.Steps
  1. Make a pattern for the size of the “teeth” with a piece of cardstock (definitely confirm the size while wearing the top)
  2. Figure out how long the chain should be (alternatively I made it longer and will adjust the size with a paperclip)
  3. Use needle nose pliers to bend the wire into an upside down balloon shape (I wanted to make sure the wire would hold the clay teeth securely), loop one end of the necklace chain onto the end of the wire, make a small circle (the part that will be exposed outside of the clay “tooth”), and wrap the end of the wire around itself.  Using your pattern as a guide, make sure your wire piece is smaller than the pattern, since it will be encased inside the clay tooth.
     photo necklacepichook_zps93ee992c.jpg
  4. Repeat step 3 for the other end of the necklace and you should end up with something that looks like this:
     photo necklacewithchain_zps5898f181.jpg
  5. Mold the clay around each wire formation to create two “teeth”
  6. Follow the directions to bake the clay (chain and all) in the oven
  7. Paint with antique gold acrylic paint (only about two layers of paint so that some of the black comes through to give the necklace texture)

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