Posted by: JoAnna | November 7, 2013

Daenerys Costume Part 5: The Wig

This has nothing to do with sewing, or even crafting really, but there were so many questions and discussions online about choosing a wig for Daenerys costumes that I thought it would be helpful to post my experience.

I’ve never worn a wig for a costume before, so I had no idea which one to buy.  I initially tried to go for a wig in the $20 range on Ebay from China.  Not the best idea. The top of the wig was too sparse and you could see through to the wig cap.  Adding in the Daenerys braids made the hair even more sparse.  In the end I decided to look at wigs in the $40-60 price range.  After all the wig can make the costume and I didn’t want all my hard work to be undermined by a bad wig!

I started to look at what cosplayers were using for Daenerys wigs (and got introduced to a whole new world and level of costuming!) and the two most popular choices were Gothic Lolita Wig’s Rhapsody in Platinum and Five Wit’s Lunar Dragon Fire Resist 20 wig.  I’m indecisive so I decided to buy both and return the one I didn’t want to use.

For a great comparison of Daenerys wigs, check out jellyfish soup’s Daenerys Wig Guide.  Another popular choice that’s not in the Wig Guide is using a straight Arda wig and styling the waves in, which I didn’t want to do.

 photo wig-braid_zpsdc548587.jpg

Gothic Lolita Wig’s Rhapsody in Platinum
+ Good color
+ Nice waves
— Too poofy
— Have to deal with bangs

Five Wit’s Lunar Dragon Fire Resist 20
+ No bangs, hairline looks a lot like Daenerys
— Not wavy enough (more like the crimped hair she has in Qarth)
— Color seems a bit off (too golden?)

I ended up getting the Gothic Lolita Wig and was mostly happy with it, but I still think it’s way too poofy.  Also, even with the quality of the Gothic Lolita Wig, it wasn’t designed for the hair to be in Daneerys braids.  Putting the braids in exposed the wig cap.  I ended up buying wig extensions and sewing them onto the wig cap.

Here’s the wig styling contraption I created out of a foam wig head from Sallys Beauty and my ladder ball lawn game:

 photo wig-style_zpse7af114a.jpg


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