Posted by: JoAnna | November 7, 2013

Game of Thrones Daenerys Dothraki Costume

 photo costume-merajtif_zps5ceb9335.jpg

I haven’t made a Halloween costume in a really long time.  I haven’t even had a sewing project in awhile, so when the idea came up for doing Daenerys from Game of Thrones, it became a fun challenge to do it as accurately as possible (without going too crazy… although I guess the definition of crazy is subjective!).  This project was particularly fun because it had both sewing and other crafting elements to it.

This is less of a step-by-step recap than some of my other posts, but I at least wanted to document the process as much as possible since I spent so much time on this costume!

Creating the Costume
I divided the recap up into a few posts since this was such a lengthy process.  Click on the links below to read about the different parts of the costume:

 photo costume-grouppic_zpsae307b69.jpg

Finding the Fabric
Sourcing fabric for this project was interesting.  Game of Thrones weaves and embroiders their own fabric (check out this web site for amazing close ups of the embroidery), so it’s difficult to reproduce the exact fabric.  For the bottom chap/skirt looking part and the handwraps, I used suede cloth/fabric.  Jo-Ann Fabric has a great selection of suede cloth printed to look like suede and leather.  And when you can combine a sale with a coupon, you can get it pretty cheap.

The top took some searching.  I looked far and wide for a fabric that looked like a burlapy weave, but was softer and not itchy.  I collected swatches from stores around NYC’s Garment District but never found exactly what I wanted.  First I started looking at wool boucle and tweed fabrics at Paron and Mood, then eventually discovered silk matka at B&J Fabics which was nearly what I wanted, but the weave was too loose.

After some online searching I found a great textured matka at B. Black & Sons, a store in LA’s Fashion District that specializes in wool and suiting fabrics.  It’s available to order online, but luckily I was going to be in LA in two weeks!  Visiting the store was cool and they had posters of movies and tv shows, like the Hunger Games, that used fabric from the store to make their costumes.

 photo planning_zpse4eb8a8a.jpg

This isn’t related to the costume, but here are our GoT pumpkins to complete the Halloween theme!

 photo pumpkins_zps3e391e13.jpg


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