Posted by: JoAnna | November 7, 2013

Jon Snow and Arya Stark Cloaks + Jamie Lannister Costume

This was a super last minute project!  As part of the Game of Thrones themed Halloween, two of my friends asked me to make cloaks for their Jon Snow and Arya Stark costumes, about a week before Halloween.  The cloaks are basically a wool or textured fabric with a fur trim and crisscrossing straps in the front.

I found a lot of cape/cloak patterns where you essentially cut a semi-circle out of fabric, but I was on a budget and that method uses more fabric than I wanted to use. Instead I used elastic to gather the cloak around the neck area (it would be more of a problem if this area would be visible, but I knew the gathered top would be covered by the fur trim) and hemmed the bottom where I took more fabric off the front than the back so that it was more or less straight/parallel to the ground.

 photo jonsnowcloak_zps7a4338f7.jpg

Materials Used

Jon Snow
  • 1.5 yards of black fabric
  • 3/4 yard of black fur trim
  • two ~12″ pieces of black tote bag strap trim
  • Thin elastic
Arya Stark
  • 1.5 yards of dark grey jersey fabric
  • ~1/3″ yard of light grey fur trim
  • two ~12″ pieces of black tote bag strap trim
  • thin elastic
Jamie Lannister
  • 2 yards red satin (probably only needed 1.5 yards)
  • Red t-shirt
  • Gold fabric paint
  • 2 gold buttons
How Much Fabric to Buy
For the Jon Snow cloak, I picked a fabric that was wide enough to generously wrap around the body (at the shoulders) so that I could buy 1.5 yards of fabric–enough to cover the length of the shoulder to the floor.  Obviously you don’t want the cloak dragging on the ground, but once you hem the bottom and finish the top, it ends up at a good length.The Arya Stark cloak was for a shorter friend, so I was able to find fabric where the width was sufficient for the length of the cloak (it was a jersey-like material, so I think changing the direction of the intended drape was okay).  So I bought the amount I needed to wrap around her body (you have to be generous with this measurement because adding the elastic will “take away” some of the fabric).
Sewing the Cloaks
Since I didn’t use the semi-circle method, I needed to gather the top of the cloak around the neck area.  I ended up folding the fabric over by about 3/4″ and sewing a skinny “tube” of space to pull elastic through.After the “tube” was created, I pulled thin elastic through (aided by a large safety pin) and sewed one side of the elastic to the cloak end of the cloak.  Next I put the cloak on and pulled the elastic, gathering the fabric, until I was happy with the amount of gather. Then I sewed the second side of the elastic to the other side of the cloak.
Adding the Fur Trim
Before I worked with the fur trim, I put Elmer’s Glue on the edges of the fabric to prevent fraying.  Adding the fur to the top of the cloak required pleating to keep the piece parallel to the rest of the cloak (since the top is gathered by elastic).  These are the steps that I followed:
  1. Pin one side of the fur trim to the side of the cloak.  I wrapped the fur around the end of the cloak, by about two inches or so, but you don’t have to.
  2. Pin the other side to the other side of the cloak.
  3. Find where the middle of the fur trim is and pin it to the middle of the back of the cloak.
  4. Pin pleats in the two sections (between the middle and side)
  5. Hand sew each pleat (I didn’t find that I had to sew across the whole back of the fur trim and cloak, just in strategic places)
Adding the Straps
I actually made these cloaks at the last minute, so there was no time to properly size/alter them.  So I sewed one end of each strap to the top of the cloak and then left the ends hanging with safety pins so my two friends could adjust them.On the actual costumes, I believe the straps are attached to the top of the cloak, go around the body, and attach behind the person’s back.  But in the interest of time and money, I just did two straps in the front.
Jamie Lannister Shout Out
I also did a quick and easy Jamie Lannister costume–a red satin cape and a red t-shirt with a large Lannister sigil in gold fabric paint.  The cape had two gold buttons sewed at each corner in the front and was tied together with an extra piece of fabric.  If I had more time, I would’ve added the elastic at the top like the Jon Snow and Arya Stark cloaks, but this used less fabric.  It worked fine, but the only downside was that the fabric bunched a bit at the back of the neck.

 photo lannistershirt_zpsa4447bb6.jpg

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