The DIY spirit runs in the blood.  For as long as I can remember, my mom was always making anything that could possibly be home made (and even things that didn’t seem like they could be!).  

My grandmother and mom have been sewers all their lives.  My grandmother used to work in New York City’s Garment District and my mom sewed pretty much whatever was needed, from her own wedding dress to countless elaborate Halloween costumes.  Some of my earliest memories are of hanging out in my grandmother’s bedroom, dodging stray pins on the rug and pouring through tins of buttons looking for matches.

I became interested in fashion after interning and working at Marc Jacobs (in a business-side role), though I ultimately decided that the industry wasn’t for me.  After college, my life became so busy that most creative ventures became a distant memory.

So when my friend, Anne, asked if I’d join her for a sewing machine class, I figured, why not?  And I soon found myself in Introduction to Sewing Machine (literally the first time I’d ever touched a sewing machine!) and Fashion Lab at MAKE Workshop on the Lower East Side (just a few blocks from my old office at Marc Jacobs!). 

Sewing has been both therapeutic and refreshing for me.  It’s been a new way to connect with my grandmother.  As somewhat of a recovering shopping addict, sewing has forced me to slow down and appreciate everything that goes into each piece of clothing.  Instead of grabbing garments off the sale racks, I find myself looking at all the seams and pleats wondering if I could make it myself… and possibly make it even better! 

When I’m not sewing (or working at my day job!), I’m usually training for dog agility compeitions with my Sheltie, Nemo… or writing about them!  I am a blogger for BARK Magazine’s web site, TheBark.com, and my articles have appeared in BARK, Clean Run, and DogSport Magazine.

Visit my web site for more information on my writing and dog training.


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