Posted by: JoAnna | May 26, 2010

Don’t Sew at Midnight!

It’s been so busy this past week and I just got to buying the fabric for my dress lining.  That, of course, left me little time to sew.  Basically I found myself racing to finish the lining at midnight, the night before class.  Midnight might be okay for test cramming (okay, maybe not), but there’s a reason why people caution against sewing when you’re tired!  You think I would’ve learned my lesson from my 2am sewing session of the Supersized Tokyo Tie Bag (when I sewed wrong side to wrong side and didn’t realize until I finished sewing around the entire bag!)  Needless to say, there was a lot of seam ripping.

Back to my dress lining… Somehow I ended up cutting two back pieces and no front piece!  Fortunately I bought extra lining fabric and, since I’m only making a lining for the bodice, I didn’t waste too much fabric.  I was just a little annoyed because it took me forever to cut the fabric.  The stretchy, slippery lining fabric is extra hard to pin and cut accurately.

When I finally got my front and back pieces cut, I thought it looked a little funny.  It basically looked like there was a triangle jutting out of the side.  For reasons unknown to me now, I cut the triangle off.  I decided the slippery fabric must’ve moved, causing me to cut the weird shape.  I later realized that the triangle was part of the dart… oh well!  I’m hoping that I’ll be able to compensate somehow when I sew it onto the dress.

I’m so busy during the day that I usually find myself sewing at midnight. It seems I can’t avoid it. So drink some coffee and join the midnight sewers club! Of course I don’t drink coffee, but oh well.


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